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These Terms and Conditions are applicable to any use of services offered on BAZAAR websites. By accessing our websites or using our services you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed with all of these provisions.


Nature of the Services

Our websites only create an easier way for Users to access third parties’ advertisements in a single place but there is no association of any kind between us and the main publisher of the advertisements, so you understand as User that, whenever agreeing to a transaction, you are directly dealing with a third party outside BAZAAR. BAZAAR does not directly offer or own any of the advertised goods or services, therefore, has no control over the ads posted, is not responsible for its content and does not assume any liability or obligation towards third parties in this regard. If you wish to report any unauthorized content, we encourage you to contact the main publisher, as deletion of the advertisement in the site of origin will cause deletion of the advertisement on our aggregation sites. Nevertheless, if you wish to report an unauthorized use exclusively on our sites, you can also contact us here:

Accounts and service alerts

In order to make it easier for Users to access relevant ad results, they can subscribe to our Alert Service or create an account. This service can be canceled at any time. User will ensure that the login accounts are kept confidential and not transferred, and will be responsible for any circumstances arising from their disclosure. User will immediately notify BAZAAR of any unauthorized use of his account. User guarantees that it will provide truthful and updated information and will be the only person or entity responsible for any inaccuracy or false representation that may cause BAZAAR or third parties any damage. BAZAAR may, from time to time, request Users to submit documents to verify any information provided.

Links to Third Parties’ websites

Our websites may contain links (amongst others, links, and banners) to third parties’ websites, which are not part of BAZAAR. Such links are only included for reference purposes and BAZAAR has no control over them, any connection to such sites, or their content. Inclusion of such links shall not be deemed as a guarantee, validation, or recommendation from BAZAAR

Blog and Posted comments

User understand any information contained in our posts or blogs shall not be deemed as any guarantee or representation from BAZAAR


You understand BAZAAR is the owner of the sites and of any design, structure, distribution, logos, graphic elements, source codes, or any other intellectual property rights contained therein. Unless expressly authorized by us, you are not allowed to compile, modify, reproduce, license, reverse engineer or exploit in any form all or any part of our intellectual property or our websites’ content. All content within advertisements is provided by Advertisers which are responsible for collecting all preceptive authorizations or licenses of any material regarding third parties’ Intellectual property rights. Advertiser is the sole responsible person or entity regarding any content in advertisements. BAZAAR is entitled to check, amend or delete any advertisement that it understands may be inadequate, improper, or against current regulations.

User also understands, BAZAAR is not liable for any breach of intellectual property rights regarding contents published by third parties.


As User of our website you agree:

  • Not to reproduce, compile, copy, extract, distribute, transmit, sale, or resale, amongst other commercial transactions, any content included in our websites.
  • Not to use the websites for illegal, forbidden, or unethical purposes (amongst others, to share content contrary to the existing legislation, ethics, public order or content with defamatory character, aggressive, offensive, racist or xenophobic or that can be somehow considered harmful).
  • Not to alter or manipulate any security device or system from our websites.
  • Not to breach our or third parties’ intellectual property rights.
    If our service requires an account registration, to provide accurate data and not to publish or disclose your password and username.
  • Not to share inaccurate or unlawful information.

In the event the User breaches any of the obligations contained herein, BAZAAR  will be entitled to deny access to our services or delete the user’s account (if applicable), without prejudice to any other legal action we might take.


We both agree to keep information to which we have access confidential. This will not cover information Advertisers directly publish or allow us to publish. BAZAAR shall be entitled to report to any administrative or judicial authorities any illegal activity, without prior notice to the Advertiser.


BAZAAR reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions without prior notice, so we recommend you regularly read them periodically. Accessing or using our websites after any amendment will be deemed as acceptance from your side. We are entitled, at any time, to amend or cancel some of the services we render.


BAZAAR shall make its best efforts to make sure that all websites run properly. We cannot, however, guarantee that our websites contain no errors and are accessible at all times without delay or interruption.

BAZAAR accepts no liability against any third party for any direct or indirect damage, harm, or loss of profit as a result of:

  • Interruption, the reduced or temporary malfunction of the websites.
  • Content, services, or products offered by third parties.
  • Any inaccuracy, incompleteness, or false data included in our listings or on third-party websites.
  • User’s breach of confidentiality or disclosure of passwords or usernames, if applicable.
  • Force majeure, fortuitous events, failures or errors in the communication lines, or for the defective rendered service or failure of the Internet. This shall include amongst others, incorrect operations, defects, damage to software, alteration or loss of information stored whichever its support and power shortage affecting the services).
  • Omissions, willful or negligent acts from the User, the Advertiser or any third party. BAZAAR is not responsible for the content and/or information and/or data transmitted, nor originating the transmission.
  • User’s or Advertiser’s use of the websites that may be against applicable legislation or infringe third parties’ rights.
    Damages, of any kind, that cannot be attributed solely, directly, and exclusively to us.


Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions as well as any other interaction between the User, our websites and BAZAAR are subject to the laws of The Netherlands. Any disputes or claims that may arise between BAZAAR and the User, shall be resolved by the courts of the city of Amsterdam. Therefore, the User expressly waives any other applicable jurisdiction.

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